The Microchip PIC32CXMTSH provides a system-on-chip solution for residential single- and dual-phase metering applications. The device offers up to class 0.2 metrology accuracy over a dynamic range of 3000:1 within the industrial temperature range and is compliant with ANSI C12.20-2002 and IEC 62053-22 standards.

The PIC32CXMTSH is a seamless extension of the Microchip PIC32CX. It belongs to a family of microcontrollers and solutions for smart grid security and communication applications. This metrology-enabled family offers an unprecedented level of integration and flexibility around dual 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4F processors running at a maximum speed of 200 MHz for the Application core, and up to 240 MHz for the Metrology core. It includes up to 2 Mbytes of embedded Flash, 512 Kbytes of embedded SRAM for the application, on-chip cache (16 Kb for instruction and 8 Kb for data) and 48 Kbytes of embedded SRAM for the metrology code/data.

The peripheral set includes an extensive set of embedded cryptographic features, anti-tampers, Floating Point Unit (FPU), Memory Protection Unit (MPU), FLEXCOM peripherals supporting I2C, SPI, UART/USART interfaces, three PWMs for pulse output functions, 12-channel general purpose 32-bit timers, 12-bit ADC, analog comparators, a battery backed-up RTC and a segmented LCD Controller.

The PIC32CXMTSH-DB is equipped with a PIC32CX2051MTSH128 device in 128-pin EP-TQFP (14 mm x 14 mm x 1.0 mm, 0.4 mm pitch).

Figure 1. PIC32CXMTSH Microcontroller Schematic
Figure 2. PIC32CXMTSH Block Diagram

Refer to the PIC32CXMTSH Data Sheet for more information.