Xplained PRO Extension Header

The PIC32CXMTSH-DB hosts a dual-row, 20-pin male connector (J20) to interface with standard Xplained PRO extension boards. The Xplained PRO connector is Microchip’s proprietary interface port intended to connect different evaluation platforms from AVR and Arm microcontrollers. Refer to Table 11 for more information about the connector.

The power header, J19, can be used as supply for extension boards. Refer to Table 10 for more information about the connector.

Figure 1. Xplained PRO Headers Schematic
Table 1. Xplained PRO Extension Header Pin Assignment
Pin No Signal PIO Pin No Signal PIO
3 ADC+ PA30 4 ADC- PB1
5 GPIO1 PA18 6 GPIO2 PA20
7 PWM+ PD3 8 PWM- PD16
11 TWD PA16 12 TWCK PA17
13 RXD PA13 14 TXD PA12
15 SS PA11 16 MOSI PA8
17 MISO PA9 18 SCK PA10
19 GND GND 20 VCC 3V3
Warning: The Xplained PRO connector is not isolated from mains.

The Xplained PRO connector allows the connection of a wide range of modules. Typically, electricity meters require communications capabilities, which could be added by connecting RF or PLC modules, such as the ATREB215-XPRO or PL460-EK kits from Microchip.