diag_sram_status_t DIAG_SRAM_MarchC_Minus (uint16_t startAddress, uint8_t length, uint16_t bufferAddress)

The SRAM March C Minus test implements the Periodic Static memory test (H.2.19.6) defined by the IEC 60730 standard.

This API implements the March C test on the SRAM. It is a complete and irredundant test capable of detecting stuck-at faults, addressing faults, transition faults, and coupling faults. Since this test is a destructive test, DIAG_MarchBufferAddress is used to save and restore user memory during the test.

March C- test algorithm is executed in below 6 steps: Step-1: Ascending(w0) Step-2: Ascending(r0, w1) Step-3: Ascending(r1, w0) Step-4: Descending(r0, w1) Step-5: Descending(r1, w0) Step-6: Ascending(r0)

in startAddress

- pointer to an array declared in user memory for test

in length

- number of bytes to test

in bufferAddress

- pointer to location in memory where array will be stored during test


SRAM_OK - Success, SRAM_ERROR - Failure, SRAM_GLOBAL_ERROR - Failure at test variables, SRAM_ADDR_ERROR - Invalid address, SRAM_LENGTH_ERROR - Invalid length