Module description

This module contains APIs to calculate and validate the frequency of the CPU clock using a reference Secondary Oscillator Crystal. The Clock test implements the independent time slot monitoring H. defined by the IEC 60730 standard. It verifies the reliability of the system clock (i.e., the system clock should be neither too fast nor too slow)


Recommend a test time between 10ms - 30ms for test accuracy of +/- 1%. The accuracy may vary with system clock and the time in msec to run the test. Will not work with a reference frequency higher than 2MHz. For this test, the reference frequency is set to 32.768 kHz using a crystal connected to the SOSC pins. If the device does not have SOSC circuitry, an external reference clock of 32.768 kHz should be provided to the Timer1 Clock input point pin via T1CKIPPS.

The following is an UML Interface diagram for Clock SOSC Test:

The following is an UML Sequence diagram Clock SOSC Test: