bool DIAG_INTERRUPT_Register (diag_interrupt_id_t id, uint16_t refCount, uint16_t tolerance, uint16_t fdtiCount)

This API registers an interrupt for diagnosis. When any interrupt is registered, diag_interrupt_params_t parameters are initialized with user defined values and are later updated or monitored by DIAG_INTERRUPT_Frequency function.

in id

- Unique ID for the interrupt to be monitored

in refCount

- The number of interrupts expected to occur within a given monitoring period

in tolerance

- The tolerance band for the number of interrupts which occur in the defined FDTI

in fdtiCount

- This is the count to derive Fault Detection Time Interval for the interrupt registered for monitoring. FDTI is the time interval between the occurrence of a fault and its detection. This count gets decremented every time reference ISR is called. When this counter reaches 1, its time to check the intr_counter with expected intr_ref_counter for interrupt under test with given intr_counter_tolerance.