void DIAG_WDT_WindowedTimer (void )

**WATCHDOG_WINDOWED_TIMER_STARTUP_TEST is a functional test based on Defintition H.2.16.5 in the IEC-60370 DIAG_WDT_WINDOW_FSM_1 and DIAG_WDT_WINDOW_FSM_2**.

This API checks the WDT reset in window mode either the timer being cleared too early or too late. This test should not be called from main. The test will be executed before main is entered as long as diag_wdt_windowed_timer.h/.c is included in the compilation.

This diagnostics tests that window mode works by attempting to clear the WDT counter in the closed part of the WDT counter window. The correct response of the device should be to reset the device. The next step will test that WDT will issue a system reset in window mode if no WDR instruction is executed. If the device and WDT was reset correctly in each step of the test, then the diag_wdt_window_teststate is set to DIAG_WDT_WINDOW_FSM_OK and diag_wdt_window_status is set to DIAG_WDT_WINDOW_PASS, otherwise the diag_wdt_window_teststate is set to DIAG_WDT_WINDOW_FSM_FAULT and diag_wdt_window_status is set to DIAG_WDT_WINDOW_FAIL thereby indicating fault.

Error reporting: DIAG_WDT_WindowedTimer_GetStatus() should be called from main to know the status of Windowed Timer WDT diagnosis


See DIAG_WDT_WindowedTimer_GetStatus()