6 Flashing hex from MPLAB DISCOVER using MPLAB IPE

This section provides a detailed procedure of how to download an already existing application hex file from MPLAB DISCOVER and flash the hex file into WBZ451 Curiosity Board using MPLAB IPE.

Hardware Requirement

  • One WBZ451 Curiosity Board
  • USB Cables
  • PC

Software Requirement


Download Application hex file from MPLAB DISCOVER

Click on the link to open MPLAB DISCOVER

  1. Type the name of the project in the search bar. For example, to search for a Zigbee project for pic32cxbz3, type “Zigbee” and “pic32cxbz3” in the search bar.

  2. A list of projects related to zigbee will be listed as shown below. Click on one of the projects from the list. For example, click on the project “Multiprotocol (BLE+ZIGBEE) Concurrent Application”.

  3. Click on the Download to download the folder containing the project and the .hex files. The location of the project file can be found out by hovering the mouse pointer over the Download button.

    The Hex file (which must be flashed into the microcontroller) is available in the same directory as that of the “firmware” directory. You can also search for the folder “precompiled_hex”, from the downloaded folder, to locate the hex file in it.

Programming using MPLAB IPE

  1. Open MPLAB IPE

  2. Connect the board to the PC through a USB cable.

  3. In the MPLAB IPE window, select the device “WBZ451”. The tools tab gets automatically filled if the board is connected to the computer. Click on the Apply .

  4. Click on the Browse and select a .hex file.

  5. Click on the Program to load the hex file into the device.

  6. Wait for the programming to complete which is indicated in the output window