9 Adding Chip Peripherals

This section describes how to add analog/digital peripherals to the application

The Chip Support Package(csp), which is downloaded as part of 2.4 Install Harmony 3 Dependencies, is used to configure and generate code related to peripherals of choice.

Once a peripheral is added to Project Graph, a user can configure a variety of settings applicable to the peripheral. Upon code generation, users will have a code generated specific to the peripheral. Initialization of the peripheral, for example, SERCOM0_Initiliaze() will be added automatically to the SYS_Initialize() function call.

Figure 9-1. .
  1. Documentation to understand the usage of various API's available for a particular peripheral is available here microchip-mplab-harmony.github.io/csp/?GUID-3D519D00-FDEE-4A3E-9EF7-20F335E64CEE

  2. There are also precompiled application examples available as part of github.com/Microchip-MPLAB-Harmony/csp_apps_pic32cxbz2_wbz45 repo which give users ready to use examples to follow.

  3. Adding UART logs to the BLE application