3 Bluetooth Low Energy Applications

This section provides details on documentation describing the steps to test and develop the precompiled BLE application examples.

The BLE Application examples are divided into 2 categories. There are both simple precompiled examples that can be tested by observing blinking LEDs on the board and complex examples that can communicate with user’s smartphone using Bluetooth low energy. These precompiled examples do not require the full toolchain set-up. Therefore, programming and testing them must not take more than a few minutes.
  • Building Blocks: Building Blocks are training modules demonstrate how to create a basic BLE application from scratch. Each block demonstrates a basic BLE function, such as "How to Enable Legacy Adv, How to Enable Long Range Advertising, and so on. This is recommended for users who are new to the Microchip BLE stack and other toolchains like MPLAB Code Configurator.
  • Advanced Applications: Advanced Applications are for users who are familiar with the Microchip BLE stack running on the PIC32CXBZ2 family of devices and also with the MPLAB Code Configurator toolchain. Advanced applications demonstrate features like height throughput functionality, monitoring and control of sensor and light functionality, and automatic advertisement when a connection is lost.