This document provides detailed information on the evaluation process, setting up the development environment, and application examples. It is designed to assist users in creating the products using PIC32CXBZ2_WBZ45 devices.

Users can assess the development platform by executing the Preprogrammed Demo example or by running the Precompiled Application examples. The precompiled application examples consist of both basic and advanced applications. The basic application examples, also known as building blocks, offer users with fundamental Bluetooth applications that cover individual concepts such as legacy and extended advertisement and data transfer using a profile and service. The advanced applications demonstrate more complex applications that involve multiple digital/analog peripherals running in parallel while maintaining a Bluetooth link.

For developing Zigbee use case, refer to Zigbee and Multiprotocol (BLE+Zigbee) applications.

It is recommended to run the preprogrammed demo example, and then install the tool chain and other application examples. Run some of the precompiled application examples of interest and then start developing the application by choosing the appropriate application example.

The following table provides a list of resources available and a summary of information the sections cover in this documentation.



Getting Started with WBZ451 Curiosity Board

Evaluating board features, running the preprogrammed demo example.

Getting Started with Software Development

Installing IDE, tool chain, Bluetooth stacks and application examples on the PC.

BLE Applications

Bluetooth application documentation describing steps to test and develop the precompiled application examples.

Zigbee Applications


Application documentation describing steps to test and develop the precompiled application examples.

Multiprotocol Applications

BLE + Zigbee Precompiled application and support documentation.

Chip Peripherals

Adding analog/digital peripherals to the application

Low Power Design

Enabling low power modes - Sleep/Standby or Deep Sleep/Backup modes in the design.

Bootloader and Device Firmware Upgrade

Enabling FW updates in the design (serial or over the air).

Support Documentation

Documentation that is generic and used as supporting document with the application example documentation.