9.5.7 Address

The NVMCTRL.ADDRL and NVMCTRL.ADDRH register pair represents the 16-bit value, NVMCTRL.ADDR. The low byte [7:0] (suffix L) is accessible at the original offset. The high byte [15:8] (suffix H) can be accessed at offset + 0x01. For more details on reading and writing 16-bit registers, refer to 8.5.6 Accessing 16-bit Registers.

Name: ADDR
Offset: 0x08
Reset: 0x00
Property: -

Bit 15141312111098 
Reset 00000000 
Bit 76543210 
Reset 00000000 

Bits 15:0 – ADDR[15:0] Address

The Address register contains the address to the last memory location that has been updated.