6.1 Work with Packs

MPLAB X IDE requires specific information about supported devices in order to simulate or emulate these devices. In previous releases (4.20 and earlier), all of this information was built into the IDE. Therefore, if you wanted to support for a new device, you had to wait until the next release.

In releases of 5.00 and later, this device information has been removed from MPLAB X IDE and grouped into versioned packs. This means you can obtain support for new devices in your current version of MPLAB X IDE by updating to the latest pack containing information on this device. MPLAB X IDE will read and use this updated information.

About Packs

Device family packs (DFPs) contain information on each supported device grouped by family. This information includes data on device power requirements, programming methods, architecture, etc. Tool packs (TPs) contain information on hardware debug tool firmware for supported devices, as well as other hardware-related information needed by the IDE to work with the tool.

When you update a DFP, the related TP will also be updated so all your hardware tools will work with the new devices in the DFP.