9.3 Event Recorder (Beta)

The Event Recorder uses memory on an Arm® Cortex®-M MCU to buffer event notifications and transport this data over SWD. Then MPLAB X IDE displays the event log and formats the information into a more readable format in the Event Recorder window. The event view displays graphically the tasks, CPU usage and memory usage.

Use the pre-defined SCVD files and FreeRTOS event hooks to quickly set up event capturing. SCVD files define how event IDs and event data are formatted. You can also create custom IDs.

The Event Recorder can be used to pinpoint trouble spots and can be a valuable tool in development. The recorder firmware has a small footprint and does not consume many resources.

The MPLAB X IDE Event Recorder uses Arm Keil Event Recorder source code.

Figure 9-1. Event Recorder Window - Example Output