The PIC16F13145 microcontroller family, with its focused set of peripherals, provides an effective method to implement hardware-based solutions.

This device family introduces the Configurable Logic Block (CLB) peripheral, enabling users to incorporate hardware-based custom logic into their applications. The CLB is comprised of 32 individual logic elements. Each logic element’s Look Up Table (LUT) based design offers vast customization options, and CPU-independent operation improves the response time and power consumption.

This product family is available in 8, 14, 16, and 20-pin packages and offers up to 14 KB of Program Flash Memory with up to 1 KB of RAM. Along with the CLB, the product family offers a 10-bit Analog to Digital Converter with Computation (ADCC) capable of up to 300 ksps, an 8-bit Digital to Analog Converter, two fast Comparators (50 ns response time), and a collection of other peripherals for timing control and serial communications with SMBus compatibility.

The small form factor, combined with the CLB and other core independent peripherals, makes the PIC16F13145 family well-suited for various applications such as real-time control, digital sensor nodes, and market segments such as industrial and automotive.