char * strsep_P

char * strsep_P(char **__sp, const char *__delim)

The strsep_P() function locates, in the string referenced by *sp, the first occurrence of any character in the string delim (or the terminating '\0' character) and replaces it with a '\0'. The location of the next character after the delimiter character (or NULL, if the end of the string was reached) is stored in *sp. An ``empty'' field, i.e. one caused by two adjacent delimiter characters, can be detected by comparing the location referenced by the pointer returned in *sp to '\0'. This function is similar to strsep() except that delim is a pointer to a string in program space.


The strsep_P() function returns a pointer to the original value of *sp. If *sp is initially NULL, strsep_P() returns NULL.