<inttypes.h>: Integer Type conversions

This header file includes the exact-width integer definitions from <stdint.h>, and extends them with additional facilities provided by the implementation.

Currently, the extensions include two additional integer types that could hold a "far" pointer (i.e. a code pointer that can address more than 64 KB), as well as standard names for all printf and scanf formatting options that are supported by the <stdio.h>: Standard IO facilities. As the library does not support the full range of conversion specifiers from ISO 9899:1999, only those conversions that are actually implemented will be listed here.

The idea behind these conversion macros is that, for each of the types defined by <stdint.h>, a macro will be supplied that portably allows formatting an object of that type in printf() or scanf() operations. Example:

    #include <inttypes.h>

    uint8_t smallval;
    int32_t longval;
    printf("The hexadecimal value of smallval is %" PRIx8
           ", the decimal value of longval is %" PRId32 ".\n",
       smallval, longval);