char * strtok_rP

char * strtok_rP(char *__s, const char *__delim, char **__last)

The strtok_rP() function parses string into tokens. The first call to strtok_rP() should have string as its first argument. Subsequent calls should have the first argument set to NULL. If a token ends with a delimiter, this delimiting character is overwritten with a '\0' and a pointer to the next character is saved for the next call to strtok_rP(). The delimiter string delim may be different for each call. last is a user allocated char* pointer. It must be the same while parsing the same string. strtok_rP() is a reentrant version of strtok_P().

The strtok_rP() function is similar to strtok_r() except that delim is pointer to a string in program space.


The strtok_rP() function returns a pointer to the next token or NULL when no more tokens are found.