External Chip Reset

When the Reset push button switch is pressed, the device places all pins into their default state and the entire contents of the EEPROM or OTP are reloaded. An additional PIO (PC2) allows the LAN7850 to be reset by software.

The figure below illustrates the implementation of the Ethernet HSIC interface.

Figure 1. Ethernet HSIC Interface
Table 1. Ethernet HSIC Signal Description
PIO Mnemonic Shared Signal Description
HSIC_STROBE Bidirectional data strobe signal
HSIC_DATA Bidirectional Double Data Rate (DDR) data signal that is synchronous to the strobe signal
PC22 VBUS_DETECT Sets the state of the upstream bus power
PC23 PME_N Indicates Power Management Event when the PME mode of operation is in effect
PC24 PME_MODE Serves as the Power Management Event mode selection input when the PME mode of operation is in effect
Figure 2. Ethernet HSIC RJ45 Connector J10 Location