SAMA5D2-ICP Features

Table 1. SAMA5D2-ICP Features
Characteristics Specifications Components
Processor SAMA5D27-CU (289-ball BGA), 14x14 mm body, 0.8 mm pitch _
External Clocks

MPU: 12 MHz, 32.768 kHz

Misc osc: 12, 24, 25 MHz

Oscillators and optional crystal

Two 16-bit, 2-Gbit DDR3L (total of 512 Mbytes)

One QSPI Flash


Winbond® W632GU6MB

Microchip SST26VF064B

Microchip 24AA025E48

SD/MMC One standard SD card interface SD card connector

One USB host switch 4 ports with power switch

One USB device type Micro-AB

Microchip USB2534
CAN Two CAN interfaces Microchip MCP2542FDT

One Gigabit Ethernet PHY through HSIC

One ETH switchport

One EtherCAT interface

Microchip LAN7850T-I/8JX

Microchip KSZ8563RNXI

Microchip LAN9252I/ML


Footprint for IEEE® 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth Module (Wi-Fi/BT), suitable for Microchip WILC3000-MR110CA or WILC3000-MR110UA

Debug port

One J-Link-OB/J-Link-CDC

One JTAG interface

Embedded J-Link-OB and J-Link-CDC (ATSAM3U4C TFBGA100)
Board monitor

One RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED

DisableBoot, Reset, WakeUp, 2 x User Free push button switches

Common anode RGB LED

5 push button switches


One PIOBU/PIO connector

Three mikroBUS sockets

Power management


One power consumption measurement device

Microchip MCP16502

Microchip PAC1934

Board supply From J16 and from external connector µUSB and 2.1mm/5.5mm jack connector
Power saving SuperCap 220 mF@3.3V