USB-A Interface

The USB Host Port controller is fully compliant with the Enhanced HCI specification. It handles the Open HCI (Open Host Controller Interface) protocol as well as the Enhanced HCI (Enhanced Host Controller Interface) protocol. The USB Host Port User interface can be found in the Enhanced HCI Rev 1.0 Specification.

Figure 1. Micro-AB Type USB Connector J9 Location

The figure below shows the USB implementation on the USB-A port terminated on a Micro-AB type USB connector.

Figure 2. USB-A and VBUS Detection

The table below describes the pin assignment of the USB-B downstream connectors.

Table 1. USB-A Connector Signal Descriptions
Pin No Mnemonic Signal Description
1 VBUS 5V power
2 DM Data minus
3 DP Data plus
4 NC Not connected
5 GND Common ground