Standby Mode

A high level on the STBY pin (PB25) selects Standby mode. In this mode, the transceiver is not able to transmit or receive data via the bus lines. The transmitter and the high-speed comparator are switched off to reduce the power current consumption.

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The figure below illustrates the implementation of the dual CAN interface.

Figure 1. Dual CAN Interface

The following tables describe the signals related to the CAN interface.

Table 1. CAN Signal Descriptions
PIO Mnemonic Shared Signal Description
PB25 CAN_STBY Dual CAN standby
PC10 CANTX0 CAN transmit port 0
PC11 CANRX0 CAN receive port 0
PC26 CANTX1 CAN transmit port 1
PC27 CANRX1 CAN receive port 1
Table 2. CAN Connector J6 Signal Description
Pin No Mnemonic Signal Description
1 CAN0H Differential positive port 0
2 CAN0L Differential negative port 0
3 GND Common ground
4 CAN1H Differential positive port 1
5 CAN1L Differential negative port 1
Figure 2. CAN Connector J6 Location