On-Board Connectors

The following table describes the interface connectors on the SAMA5D2-ICP.

Table 1. SAMA5D2-ICP Board Interface Connectors
Connector Interfaces to Connector Interfaces to
J1 External power jack J14 EtherCAT RJ45 port B
J3 PMIC Vout4 J15 PCB connector for factory-programming the J-Link-OB
J4 Used for one-time programming of the EtherCAT EEPROM J16 USB Micro-AB J-Link-OB/J-Link-CDC
J5 Standard SDMMC connector J18 JTAG, 10-pin IDC connector
J6 Dual CAN J21 mikroBUS1 connector
J7 Stacked USB type B (USB hub) J22 mikroBUS2 connector
J8 Stacked USB type B (USB hub) J23 mikroBUS3 connector
J9 USB Micro-AB (USB-A) J24 Tampers and PIOs
J10 Ethernet 10/100/1000 RJ45 (HSIC) J25 WILC3000 UART debug
J11 Ethernet 10/100 RJ45 (Etherswitch Port1) J26 WILC3000 user-free GPIOs
J12 Ethernet 10/100 RJ45 (Etherswitch Port2) J27 ETH switch user-free GPIOs
J13 EtherCAT RJ45 port A