Embedded Debugger (J-Link-OB) Interface

The figure below illustrates the implementation of the J-Link-OB and J-Link-CDC interface.

Figure 1. J-Link-OB Interface

The SAMA5D2-ICP includes a built-in SEGGER J-Link-On-Board device. The functionality is implemented with an ATSAM3U4C microcontroller in an TFBGA100 package. The ATSAM3U4C provides the functions of JTAG and a bridge USB/Serial debug port (CDC). One two-colored LED (LD6) mounted on the main board shows the status of the J-Link-On-Board device.

The J-Link-OB-ATSAM3U4C was designed in order to provide an efficient, on-board alternative to the standard J-Link.

The USB J-Link-OB port is used as a secondary power source and as a communication link for the board, and derives power from the PC over the USB cable. This port is limited in most cases to 500 mA. A single PC USB port is sufficient to power the board.