On-Board LEDs

The board features signaling LEDs for the USB Hub, the Ethernet HSIC, the on-board J-Link, the EtherCAT interface and the WILC3000 module. It also provides an RGB LED that is connected directly to the GPIOs of the MPU.

Table 1. On-Board LED Signal Descriptions
LED STATE Signal Description
D3 Red Main power +5V
D4 Red Hub USB2534 “SUSPEND”
LD1 Green Power enabled on USB3
LD2 Green Power enabled on USB4
LD3 Green Power enabled on USB1
LD4 Green Power enabled on USB2
LD5 Green Ethernet HISC LAN7850 “LINK/ACTIVITY”
LD5 Blue Ethernet HISC LAN7850 “SUSPEND”
LD6 Red J-Link-OB/J-Link-CDC
LD6 Green J-Link-OB/J-Link-CDC
LD7 Red User
LD7 Green User
LD7 Blue User
LD8 Red WILC3000 status
LD8 Green WILC3000 status
D9 Green EtherCAT LAN9252 “RUNLED”

The picture below shows the positions of LEDs described above

Figure 1. On-Board LEDs