3.1 Building Block Examples

This section covers PIC32CXBZ2 Application Building Blocks. Building blocks are compact training modules revolving around implementing a particular BLE functionality/feature on PIC32CXBZ2 and WBZ451 Devices.

These training modules ease users' development experience by providing a step-by-step procedure to build a BLE Feature from scratch. Moving through the building blocks, users will be able to gain familiarity with the SDK, MPLAB Harmony software development framework, MPLAB Code Configurator, and APIs necessary for implementing the BLE features of interest. It is recommended to start the Software development process with Building Block, in case the users only have working knowledge of BLE and no familiarity with the Harmony framework, Microchip BLE SDK, and other tools.

It is recommended that new users of MPLAB Code Configurator go through the overview.

Building blocks are divided into 3 categories based on the device’s roles and features the users are interested in developing. This segregation is important as users interested in developing only a certain type of device would be provided only the training modules and necessary reference examples related to the device type:

  1. Peripheral Building Blocks

  2. Central Building Blocks

  3. Multirole Building Blocks