1.1 Hardware

The WBZ451 Curiosity Board is an efficient and modular development platform that supports rapid prototyping and demonstrates the features, capabilities and interfaces of Microchip's Bluetooth® Low Energy and Zigbee RF Module (WBZ451PE).

The WBZ451 Curiosity Board:
  • Offers integrated programming/debugging features using the PICkit™ On-board 4 (PKOB4) debugger interface
  • Requires only a Micro USB cable to power-up and program the board
  • Includes a mikroBUS™ Click™ header, which helps the users to expand the functionalities by connecting to various MikroElectronika mikroBUS Click adapter boards
  • Performs rapid prototyping utilizing the Bluetooth Low Energy and Zigbee-enabled RF Module
The WBZ451 Curiosity Board supports a variety of applications:
  • Wireless lighting
  • Home automation or Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Industrial automation
  • Other Bluetooth Low Energy or Zigbee-related applications.


  • WBZ451 BLE+Zigbee RF Module

  • USB or Battery Powered

  • On-board Programmer/Debug Circuit using PKoB4 based on Microchip SAME70 MCU

  • Microchip MCP73871 Li-Ion/LiPo Battery Charger with Power Path Management

  • On-board USB to UART Serial Converter with HW Flow Control based on Microchip MCP2200

  • mikroBUS™ Socket to Expand Functionality using MikroElectronika Click™ Adapter Boards RGB Lighting LED connected to PWM

  • Reset Switch

  • One User Configurable Switch

  • One User LED: 32.768 kHz Crystal

  • Microchip SST26VF064B, 64 Mbit External QSPI Flash

  • Microchip MCP9700A, Low-Power Analog Voltage Temperature Sensor

  • 10 pin ARM SWD Header for External Programmer/Debugger

Figure 1-1. WBZ451 Curiosity Board - Top View
Figure 1-2. WBZ451 Curiosity Board - Bottom View