7.6 Command Table

User Commands that serve as a convenient method to utilize the API's in Standalone 15.4 PHY component and facilitates switch between different modes in application. This commands implementation can be found in app_phy_cmd_processor.c file under app_p2p_phy/app_phy_cmd_processor/src/ folder. The aforementioned file is highlighted in the following figure.
Note: Argument values/input values alongside the Commands must be given in integer(unsigned/signed) unless exceptionally mentioned as "in hex" in command table below. Some of the range mentioned in the following Command Table description is based on PHY layer Pan Information Base (PIB) attributes. PIB attributes are database of managed objects pertaining to the PHY Layer. Refer IEEE 802.15.4 - 2003/2006 spec for more details on PIB attributes of PHY layer.
Figure 7-45. app_phy_cmd_processor.c
Table 7-4. Command Table Description
Command Description Syntax & Range Reference/Example
phyInit PHY Layer Initialization - phyInit
phyReset Resets the PHY state machine and sets the default PIB value if requested phyReset,<set default PIB values-true/false>


phyEdScan Energy detection scan start phyEdScan, <set scan duration ranging from 0 to 14>(unit - symbols) phyEdScan,8
getAttribute Get PHY PIB attribute: Attribute id can be referred from PHY PIB attribute table (common command to set any PHY PIB attribute) getAttribute, <attribute id (hex)> getAttribute, <attribute id(hex)>
Note: For Attribute ID refer to IEEE 802.15.4 spec - PHY PIB attributes table.
setAttribute Set PHY PIB attribute (common command to set any PHY PIB attribute) setAttribute, <attr id (hex)>
Note: For Attribute ID refer to IEEE 802.15.4 spec - PHY PIB attributes table.
getChannel Get the Current Channel. -- getChannel
setChannel Set the Current Channel setchannel, <11 – 26> setChannel, 11
getChannelPg Set the Channel Page -- getChannelPg
setChannelPg Set the Channel Page setChannelPg, <0/2/16/171> setChannelPg,0
getPanId Get the PAN ID( INTRAPAN - 16bits) -- getPanId
setPanId Set Network PAN ID setPanId, <panid in hex 0x0000-0xffff - 16bits> setPanId,0x0001
getDestAddr Get the destination short address (16 bits) -- getDestAddr
setDestAddr Set the destination short address (16 bits) setDestAddr,<0x0000-0xffff - 16bits> setDestAddr,0x0001
getExtDestAddr Get the destination short address (64 bits) -- getExtDestAddr
setExtDestAddr Set the destination Long address (64 bits) setExtDestAddr,<0x0000000000000000-0x7fffffffffffffff - 64bits> setExtDestAddr,0x123456
getSrcAddr Get Short Address – 16 bits -- getSrcAddr
setSrcAddr Set Short Address – 16 bits setSrcAddr,<0x0000-0xffff> setSrcAddr,0x0002
getIeeeAddr Get IEEE Address – 64 bits -- getIeeeAddr
setIeeeAddr Set IEEE Address – 64 bits setIeeeAddr,<0x0000000000000000-0x7fffffffffffffff - 64bits> setIeeeAddr,0x1234567
getCsmaMode Get the CSMA mode -- getCsmaMode
setCsmaMode Set the CSMA mode setCsmaMode,<0-3> setCsmaMode,0
getTxPwr Get the Tx Power in DBm -- getTxPwr
setTxPwr Set the Tx Power in DBm setTxPwr,<-12 to 14>(unit - DBm) setTxPwr,3
getIeeeAddr Get 64-bit address -- getIeeeAddr
getFrameRetry MAC level frame retries -- getFrameRetry
setFrameRetry Set the MAC level Frame Retry to be retried in case of transmission failure. setFrameRetry, <0 – 7> setFrameRetry,1
rxEnable Receiver Enable rxEnable , <Set TRX states PHY_STATE_RX_ON/PHY_STATE_TRX_OFF: true/false> rxEnable ,true
trxSleep Put the transceiver to sleep trxSleep, <sleep mode - sleep mode 1/deep sleep - false/true> trxSleep, 0
trxWakeup Wakeup the transceiver -- trxWakeup
CCA Perform CCA over the channel given by the user CCA, <phychannel: 11-26> CCA,11
updateDeviceTable Update the Device table with info like short address, ieee address and corresponding device index. updateDeviceTable, <device index (0-total no. of devices), short address(0x0000-0xffff (16 bits)), ieee address(64 bits)>
Note: Total No. of Devices = 64 (default, MACRO associated : NUM_OF_DEVICES)
readDeviceTable Read the Device table info based on table index. readDeviceTable, < device index – 255 – if entire list of devices in device table need to be displayed/specific index of the device table> readDeviceTable, 2 =>read the device info at index 2

readDeviceTable, 255 =>read the device info of all the devices.

+++ Enter data mode +++, <Time period in microseconds> +++,1000000 =>[1000000usec = 1sec]
&&& Exit Data Mode -- &&&
periodTestMode Enter Periodic Test Mode periodTestMode, <Time period in microsecs> periodTestMode,1000000
contTestMode Start Continuous Test Mode -- contTestMode
perTestMode Start PER Test Mode -- perTestMode
throughputTestMode Start ThroughputTest Mode -- throughputTestMode
stopTestMode Stop All Active application Test Modes (periodTestMode, contTestMode, perTestMode, throughputTestMode) -- stopTestMode
updatePERTestPacketsCnt Update PER test Packets updatePERTestPacketsCnt,<0-4294967295 packets> updatePERTestPacketsCnt,100
promTestMode Enable promiscuous RX mode -- promTestMode
updateThroughputTime Update Throughput Timer updateThroughputTime,<0-4294967295us> updateThroughputTime,1000000
getFrameType Type of frame to be TX/RX -- getFrameType
setFrameType Type of frame to be TX/RX setFrameType,<0-5> setFrameType, 0
phyCntTx Starts continuous transmission on current channel phyCntTx,<txMode-0/1-CW_MODE/PRBS_MODE>,<userandomcontent -true/false> phyCntTx,0,true
stopPhyCntTx Stops continuous transmission on current channel -- stopPhyCntTx
ConfigRxRPCMode Configures the reduced power consumption mode ConfigRxRPCMode,<true - To Enable the rxRPC mode, false - To disable the rx RPC mode> ConfigRxRPCMode,true
configAutoAck Configures TRX for auto acknowledging the reserved frame configAutoAck,<enableAACK-true/false> configAutoAck,true
getRSSIBaseVal get the base RSSI value for respective radios -- getRSSIBaseVal
getTrxStatus get the status of the transceiver -- getTrxStatus
configRxSensitivity Configures receiver sensitivity level. This is used to desensitize the receiver configRxSensitivity,<pdtlevel:0-15> configRxSensitivity,0
Note: Addressing Mode is set to 16 bit type as default config in application. (Can be modified using the API app_P2P_Phy_setAddressModes)
Note: For more details on Standalone IEEE 15.4 PHY component. refer API guide