4.7 ZigBee Applications

This section describes steps to test and develop the precompiled Zigbee application examples.

The Zigbee Application examples are simple precompiled examples that can be tested using more than one WBZ451 Curiosity boards. These precompiled examples do not require the full toolchain set-up. Therefore, programming and testing them must not take more than a few minutes.

  1. The Zigbee examples are provided here to understand our BitCloud stack based on ZigBee specification, various ZigBee device types, and supported device clusters. These examples are explained to handle the single and multiple clusters supported device types specified by ZigBee specification. The provided examples demonstrate features of ZigBee lights, thermostats, various sensors, etc. Also, ZigBee supports various device types which were used to form ZigBee compliance network devices. This is recommended for users who are new to the Microchip BLE stack and other toolchains like MPLAB Code Configurator.