RN4678 Module and PIC18 MCU Interface Framework

The PIC18F87J11 microcontroller issues the required ASCII commands for the demo application to configure and set up the wireless Bluetooth nodes. After successfully establishing a Bluetooth connection between two nodes, data in the form of strings/characters are transferred between these nodes, showcasing the SPP profile, which emulates the serial RS232 type of connection.

This application note provides the users with the following functionalities:

The following figure illustrates the PIC18 MCU interface with the RN4678 module. Get the user inputs through the switches available on the PIC18 Explorer Development board, and the on-board LCDs and LEDs monitor the status.

Note: This application note is not intended to provide a complete understanding of the Bluetooth technology principles or usage of all the ASCII commands that are related to the RN4678 module. Instead, it uses commands relevant for running the application demo code.
Figure 1. RN4678 Classic Bluetooth Communication Application Diagram