Running the Demo Application

The following are the steps to run the demo application:

  1. 1.Configure the two wireless nodes such that one of the wireless nodes, for example, Node A, initiates a connection and the other node, for example, Node B, waits for the connection request.
  2. 2.Connect two Bluetooth wireless nodes, Node A and Node B.
  3. 3.Send and receive data strings between two nodes over Bluetooth.

The LCD on the PIC18 Explorer board displays the sequence of events happening in the background, such as initializing, scanning/inquiring/discovering of nodes, connecting and more; then, enables the user to operate the board using the interactive messages. The user must respond to the Yes/No questions in the display LCD by pressing the S1 and S2 hardware push buttons.

Note: The application demo requires the configuration of one Bluetooth wireless node (Node A) to initiate/inquire a connection, and the other wireless node (Node B) to wait for the connection request in Discoverable mode.

The following two figures illustrate the complete cycle of the application demo.

Figure 1. Application Demo Flow Chart

Figure 2. Application Demo Flow Chart Continued