The RN4678 module is a fully certified, Bluetooth® v5.0 compliant Low Energy (LE) Dual mode module with Basic Rate and Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) available for customers to easily add Dual mode Bluetooth wireless capability to their products. The module is recommended for any new design requiring classic Bluetooth protocol and for migrating from the RN42 module. The RN42 module is a classic Bluetooth module that provides a convenient method for cable replacement for smart phones or tablets for data transfer and control based on the classic Bluetooth protocol.

The primary purpose of this application note is to help the users and developers using the RN41/RN42 module in their design to migrate to the RN4678 module. Hardware Connections provides an insight into the differences with respect to the hardware. ASCII Commands summarizes the ASCII command differences between the modules, and provides a quick summary of the Apple-related improvements. RN4678 Module and PIC18 MCU Interface Framework gives details into a demo application framework developed using the RN4678 and the PIC18 Explorer Development board.