Application Demo Setup

This section provides an overview about the hardware, software and related utility tools required for the demo setup.

Hardware Requirements

  • Two Microchip RN4678 PICtail™/PICtail PLUS boards
  • Two PIC18 Explorer Development boards with PIC18F87J11 PIMs mounted
  • One of the following Microchip development tools for programming and debugging:
    • MPLAB REAL ICE™ in-circuit emulator
    • MPLAB ICD 3
    • PICkit™ 3
  • Two power supplies ­– 9V/0.75A batteries
  • 1 multi-strand (gauge > 20) wires with soldered female berg connector on one side and male berg connector on another end

Software/Utility Requirements

The application demo source code relating to this application note is written in an MPLAB X workspace project file and is available for download from the Microchip website. The code is compiled using the Microchip XC8 compiler v2.00 and MPLAB X IDE v3.05.

Note: The RN4678 modules must have firmware version 1.30 or above for the demo code to work.

Use the precompiled RN4678_MCU18_Interface.X.production.hex file of the demo or, if required, compile the RN4678_MCU18_Interface project code. Ensure the compilation is successful. For additional information on the source code, related files with description and call graph, refer to the Appendix B: Source Code. From MPLAB X, the user can generate call graphs related to specific functions of the demo code.

Notes: For the demo source code, a complete list of development support tools and documents, visit: