30.5.15 Window Comparator Low Threshold

This register is the 16-bit Low Threshold for the digital comparator monitoring the RES register. The ADC itself has 10-bit output, RES[9:0], where the msb is RES[9]. The data format in ADC and Digital Accumulation is one’s complement, where 0x0000 represents the zero and 0xFFFF represent the largest number (full scale).

The WINLTH and WINLTL register pair represent the 16-bit value, WINLT. The low byte [7:0] (suffix L) is accessible at the original offset. The high byte [15:8] (suffix H) can be accessed at offset + 0x01. For more details on reading and writing 16-bit registers, refer to 8.5.6 Accessing 16-bit Registers.

When accumulating samples, the window comparator thresholds are applied on the accumulated value and not on each sample.

Offset: 0x12
Reset: 0x00
Property: -

Bit 15141312111098 
Reset 00000000 
Bit 76543210 
Reset 00000000 

Bits 15:8 – WINLT[15:8] Window Comparator Low Threshold high byte

These bits hold the MSB of the 16-bit register.

Bits 7:0 – WINLT[7:0] Window Comparator Low Threshold low byte

These bits hold the LSB of the 16-bit register.