8.2 Disassembly Window and Listing File

View disassembled code in this window. Select Window > Debugging > Output > Disassembly to open the window. You must Pause

in a debug session (Debug > Debug
) to see the window contents.

To view the linker-generated disassembly listing file, right click in the Disassembly window and select Disassembly Listing File.

Note: The Disassembly window will disassemble each instruction, but has no history of banking associated with the instruction. Therefore, SFR names displayed in the window will be for Bank 0.
Figure 8-3. Disassembly Windows with Variable Mouseover
Table 8-2. Disassembly Window Context Menu
Menu Item(s) Description
Step Instruction, Step Over, Run to Cursor See 5.16 Step Through Code.
Cut, Copy, Paste Cut, copy, or paste selected text in the window.
Select in Projects Opens Projects window and selects the document containing selection.
Disassembly Listing File See the contents of the linker-generated disassembly listing file. See also Disassembly Window Types.