8.1 Stopwatch

Use the Stopwatch to determine the timing between two breakpoints.

Note: The Stopwatch uses breakpoint resources.

To use the Stopwatch:

  1. Add a breakpoint where you want to start the Stopwatch.
  2. Add another breakpoint where you want to stop the Stopwatch.
  3. Select Window > Debugging > Stopwatch. Click on the Properties icon on the left of the window and select the start and stop breakpoints.
  4. Debug the program again to get the Stopwatch timing result.
    Figure 8-1. Stopwatch Setup
    Figure 8-2. Stopwatch Window with Content

The Stopwatch has the following icons on the left side of the window:

Table 8-1. Stopwatch Icons
Icon Icon Text Description
Properties Set Stopwatch properties. Select one current breakpoint or trigger to start the stopwatch and one to stop the stopwatch.
Reset Stopwatch on Run Reset the stopwatch time to zero at the start of a run.
Clear History Clear the Stopwatch window.
Clear Stopwatch (Simulator Only) Reset the stopwatch after you reset the device.