8.10 Code Collaboration: Development and Error Tracking

Collaborate on code development with your group using a team server supported inside MPLAB X IDE. Use the Team menu to log into your account, create or open your project, share your project, get resources, send a chat message, or show your contact list. Collaborate on tracking bugs by using issue tracking systems.

Supporting menu items include:

  • Window > Services – The Services window is the main entry point to your runtime resources. It shows a logical view of important runtime resources such as the servers, databases, and web services that are registered with the IDE. Search for “Services Window” under Help > Online Help Contents for more details.
  • Team > Find Task – In the Find Tasks window, select a project task, select criteria, and click Search.
  • Team > Report Task – in the Report a New Task window, select the new project task, specify the issue details, and click Submit.

For more on team projects and issue tracking, see the NetBeans Help topic:


To find out more about these tools, see the following: