3.7 Launch the IDE and View the Desktop

Double click on the MPLAB X IDE icon to launch the program.

Figure 3-3. MPLAB X IDE Icon

MPLAB X IDE is built upon the NetBeans platform. If you are familiar with the NetBeans IDE, then the MPLAB X IDE desktop will look familiar. However, the Start Page and other tabs are specific to MPLAB X IDE.

On the Start Page, there are 3 tabs with related icon and text links:

  • LEARN & DISCOVER - If you are new to MPLAB X IDE, start here.
  • MY MPLAB X IDE - Create an account where you can purchase hardware, licenses and more.
  • WHAT’S NEW - See the latest news and products from Microchip.

If you don’t want the Start Page displayed on start-up, uncheck Show on Startup beneath any tab.

Figure 3-4. MPLAB X IDE Desktop