3.5 Install the Language Tools

When you install MPLAB X IDE v5.40 and later, no language tools are installed. You will need to select, download and install a toolchain.

The following C compiler toolchains (compiler, assembler, linker, etc.) can be used with MPLAB X IDE. To select a compiler toolchain, consider which device you wish to use and then choose a toolchain that supports that device.

MPLAB XC C compilers can be licensed as Free or PRO (full-featured, code-optimized) compilers. To install and license these compilers, view the document Installing and Licensing MPLAB XC C Compilers (DS-50002059) and Licenses webpage. MPLAB X IDE includes the option to license your installed compiler and roam in and out for network licenses. See 14.13 Licenses Windows.

AVR and Arm GNU C compilers (GCCs) are always free. Follow the installer screens to install on you computer.

Installation Path

Ensure these compilers are installed where MPLAB X IDE can search for them, e.g., where MPLAB XC C compilers are installed under C:\Program Files\Microchip. Otherwise you will have to specify in MPLAB X IDE where to find them (see 5.7 Set Language Tool Locations).

Installation Media - Linux OS

Expanding a compressed file (tar, tar.gz) onto a file system that does not honor symbolic links or does keep executable permissions intact may create an uncompressed directory structure that cannot be used as a compiler or recognized by MPLAB X IDE. This situation can happen when you expand a compressed file onto a removable USB stick (FAT file system).