3.6 Install MPLAB X IDE

Note: Operating system support for Windows, macOS and Linux will move to 64-bit only starting with MPLAB X IDE version 5.40.
Note: Product support releases will be delivered independently from MPLAB X IDE starting in version 5.30 by moving to a Device File Pack (DFP) system. A DFP can be applied to MPLAB X IDE version 5.30 or 5.35 to extend the life of the IDE for 32-bit operating systems. Not all new devices added by a Device File Pack are guaranteed to work in these versions of the IDE.

Download MPLAB X IDE from the MPLAB X IDE webpage and launch the installer.

Note: The following steps reflect the installation wizard at the time this was written.
  1. Welcome - The version about to be installed is shown.
  2. License Agreement - Accept the agreement to continue or reject to end the installation.
  3. Installation Options - The default installation directory is shown but may be changed. “Use System Proxy Settings” is selected by default to allow access to the internet. You may select “No Proxy” for secure environments or if MPLAB X IDE hangs after launch (see “Known Issues” in the release notes for MPLAB X IDE). You may choose data sharing items to (1) allow Microchip to collect usage information and/or (2) allow MPLAB X IDE to share data with MyMicrochip. The second item will enable Product Change Notices.
  4. Select Applications - Select the applications you want to install. The MPLAB X IDE installer may be used to install MPLAB X IDE and/or MPLAB IPE. Then select all or some device support. Targeted device support results in a smaller install.
  5. Ready to Install - Click Next to install MPLAB X IDE.
  6. Installing - The status bar lets you see installation progress.
  7. Completing the MPLAB X IDE Setup - Check to open web pages about MPLAB XC C compilers, MPLAB Harmony framework (for 32-bit devices), and MPLAB Code Configurator for 8-, 16- and 32-bit devices.