6.2.1 Import Prebuilt Projects

Create a project from a prebuilt loadable image (Hex, ELF or COF files) by using the Import Image File wizard.

Note: To program a prebuilt image into a device, you will click the Make and Program Device icon even though it will only program the device (no make).

There are two ways to open the wizard, described below.

Import Prebuilt Project Option

To open the Import Image File wizard, do one of the following:

  • Select File > Import > Hex/ELF (Prebuilt) File.
  • On the Start Page, click on the Learn & Discover or My MPLAB X IDE tab, Projects section, Import Prebuilt link.

New Project Option

For ways to open the New Project wizard, see 5.1.1 Launch New Project Wizard.

The wizard will launch to guide you through new project set up.

  • Step 1. Choose Project: Select the Microchip Embedded category and choose from the project type Prebuilt (Hex, Loadable Image) Project. Click Next.
  • The Import Image File wizard opens.

Import Image File Wizard

Follow the steps below to import your image file. The steps are numbered according to the Import Prebuilt Project option.

Click Next to move to the next step.

Step 1. Import Image File. Select the name and location of your image file. You may browse to a location.

Step 2. Select Device. Select the device you will be using in your application from the Device drop-down list. To narrow your selection list, choose a Family first.

Step 3. Select Header. This step will appear if a header is available for your selected device. To determine if a header is required for debug or if your device has on-board debug circuitry, consult one of the documents below. Then choose whether or not to use a header.

Step 4. Select Tool. Select the development tool you will be using to develop your application from the list. Grayed out tools do not support the project device.

Step 5. Select Project Name and Folder. Select a name and location for your new project. You may browse to a location. Click Finish when done.

The new project will open in the Projects window.

For information on exporting a project as hex, see the Project Menu in 14.24 Projects Window.