Assembling the Atmel-ICE

The Atmel-ICE unit is shipped with no cables attached. Two cable options are provided in the full kit:

Figure 1. Atmel-ICE Cables

For most purposes, the 50-mil 10-pin IDC flat cable can be used, connecting either natively to its 10-pin or 6-pin connectors, or connecting via the adapter board. Three adapters are provided on one small PCBA. The following adapters are included:

Figure 2. Atmel-ICE Adapters


A 50-mil JTAG adapter has not been provided - this is because the 50-mil 10-pin IDC cable can be used to connect directly to a 50-mil JTAG header. For the part number of the component used for the 50-mil 10-pin connector, see Atmel-ICE Target Connectors Part Numbers.

The 6-pin ISP/PDI header is included as part of the 10-pin IDC cable. This termination can be cut off if it is not required.

To assemble your Atmel-ICE into its default configuration, connect the 10-pin 50-mil IDC cable to the unit, as shown below. Be sure to orient the cable so that the red wire (pin 1) on the cable aligns with the triangular indicator on the blue belt of the enclosure. The cable should connect upwards from the unit. Be sure to connect to the port corresponding to the pinout of your target - AVR or SAM.

Figure 3. Atmel-ICE Cable Connection

Figure 4. Atmel-ICE AVR® Probe Connection

Figure 5. Atmel-ICE SAM Probe Connection