Opening the Atmel-ICE


For normal operation, the Atmel-ICE unit must not be opened. Opening the unit is done at your own risk. Anti-static precautions should be taken.

The Atmel-ICE enclosure consists of three separate plastic components - top cover, bottom cover, and blue belt - which are snapped together during assembly. To open the unit, insert a large flat screwdriver into the openings in the blue belt, apply some inward pressure, and twist gently. Repeat the process on the other snapper holes, and the top cover will pop off.

Figure 1. Opening the Atmel-ICE (1)

Figure 2. Opening the Atmel-ICE (2)

Figure 3. Opening the Atmel-ICE (3)

To close the unit again, align the top and bottom covers correctly, and press firmly together.