32 CWG - Complementary Waveform Generator Module

The Complementary Waveform Generator (CWG) produces half-bridge, full-bridge, and steering of PWM waveforms. It is backward compatible with previous CCP functions.

The CWG has the following features:

  • Six Operating modes:
    • Synchronous Steering mode
    • Asynchronous Steering mode
    • Full Bridge mode, Forward
    • Full Bridge mode, Reverse
    • Half Bridge mode
    • Push-Pull mode
  • Output Polarity Control
  • Output Steering
  • Independent 6-bit Rising and Falling Event Dead-Band Timers:
    • Clocked dead band
    • Independent rising and falling dead-band enables
  • Auto-Shutdown Control with:
    • Selectable shutdown sources
    • Auto-restart option
    • Auto-shutdown pin override control