28 UTMR - Universal Timer Module

The UTMR Universal Timer module is a 16-bit timer/counter with a combination of signal measurement and hardware limit timer functions. It is designed to provide all timer/counter related functions in a single peripheral and includes the following list of features:

  • Main/Secondary chaining, which allows two timer/counters to be combined into a single larger timer/counter with a single set of control registers
  • Software independent operation, including both signal measurement and hardware limit features
    • External Reset (ERS) inputs
    • Individual control of Start, Stop and Reset
    • Hardware Limit mode
    • One Shot mode
  • Full asynchronous clocking
    • Multiple clock selections
    • Synchronization circuitry for control bit and ERS inputs
    • Integrated fully programmable prescaler
  • Dual Output modes
    • Pulse output
    • Level output
    • Output polarity control
  • Double-buffered period register
    • Compatible with DMA control
    • Interrupt, Stop or Reset On Match
  • Interrupt on Start, Stop and Reset
Figure 28-1. Universal Timer Block Diagram