26 TMR2 - Timer2 Module

The Timer2 module is an 8-bit timer that incorporates the following features:

  • 8-bit timer and period registers
  • Readable and writable
  • Software programmable prescaler (1:1 to 1:128)
  • Software programmable postscaler (1:1 to 1:16)
  • Interrupt on T2TMR match with T2PR
  • One-shot operation
  • Full asynchronous operation
  • Includes Hardware Limit Timer (HLT)
  • Alternate clock sources
  • External timer Reset signal sources
  • Configurable timer Reset operation

See the figure below for a block diagram of Timer2.

Important: References to module Timer2 apply to all the even numbered timers on this device (Timer2, Timer4, etc.).
Figure 26-1. Timer2 with Hardware Limit Timer (HLT) Block Diagram
  1. Signal to the CCP peripheral for PWM pulse trigger in PWM mode.
  2. See RSEL for external Reset sources.
  3. See CS for clock source selections.