31 PWM - Pulse-Width Modulator with Compare

This module is a 16-bit Pulse-Width Modulator (PWM) with a compare feature and multiple outputs. The outputs are grouped in slices where each slice has two outputs. There can be up to four slices in each PWM module. The EN bit enables the PWM operation for all slices simultaneously. The prescale counter, postscale counter, and all internal logic is held in Reset while the EN bit is low.

Features of this module include the following:
  • Five main operating modes:
    • Left Aligned
    • Right Aligned
    • Center-Aligned
    • Variable Aligned
    • Compare
      • Pulsed
      • Toggled
  • Push-pull operation (available in Left and Right Aligned modes only)
  • Independent 16-bit period timer
  • Programmable clock sources
  • Programmable trigger sources for synchronous duty cycle and period changes
  • Programmable synchronous/asynchronous Reset sources
  • Programmable Reset source polarity control
  • Programmable PWM output polarity control
  • Up to four two-output slices per module
Block diagrams of each PWM mode are shown in their respective sections.