37.11 USART

Figure 37-3. USART in SPI Mode - Timing Requirements in Master Mode
Figure 37-4. USART in SPI Mode - Timing Requirements in Slave Mode
Table 37-16. USART in SPI Mode - Timing Characteristics
Symbol Description Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
fSCK SCK clock frequency Master 10 MHz
tSCK SCK period Master 100 ns
tSCKW SCK high/low width Master 0.5×tSCK ns
tSCKR SCK rise time Master 2.7 ns
tSCKF SCK fall time Master 2.7 ns
tMIS MISO setup to SCK Master 10 ns
tMIH MISO hold after SCK Master 10 ns
tMOS MOSI setup to SCK Master 0.5×tSCK ns
tMOH MOSI hold after SCK Master 1.0 ns