11.6 Context Saving

The interrupt controller supports a two-level deep context saving system (main routine context and low ISR context). Refer to the state machine shown in Figure 11-6 for details.

The Program Counter (PC) is saved on the dedicated device PC stack. The CPU registers saved include STATUS, WREG, BSR, FSR0/1/2, PRODL/H and PCLATH/U.

After WREG has been saved to the context registers, the resolved vector number of the interrupt source to be serviced is copied into WREG. Context save and restore operation is completed by the interrupt controller based on the current state of the interrupts and the order in which they were sent to the CPU.

Context save/restore works the same way in both states of MVECEN. When IPEN = 0, there is only one level of interrupt active. Hence, only the main context is saved when an interrupt is received.