35.17 Transmitting a Break

The UART module has the capability of sending either a fixed length Break period or a software-timed Break period. The fixed length Break consists of a Start bit, followed by 12 ‘0’ bits and a Stop bit. The software-timed Break is generated by setting and clearing the BRKOVR bit.

To send the fixed length Break, set the SENDB and TXEN bits. The Break sequence is then initiated by a write to UxTXB. The timed Break will occur first, followed by the character written to UxTXB that initiated the Break. The initiating character is typically the Sync character of the LIN specification.

SENDB is disabled in the LIN and DMX modes because those modes generate the Break sequence automatically.

The SENDB bit is automatically reset by hardware after the Break Stop bit is complete.

The TXMTIF bit indicates when the transmit operation is Active or Idle, just as it does during normal transmission. The following figure illustrates the Break sequence.

Figure 35-15. Send-Break Sequence