13.12 CRC-on-Boot Module Overview

The CRC-on-boot module performs a CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) on user-defined segments of nonvolatile memory on device power-up and compares the resulting values to predetermined expected values. This check acts independent of program memory and executes before any user code. If a mismatch occurs, the CRC-on-boot module can be configured to indicate this mismatch in several configurable ways.

The CRC-on-boot has the following features:

  • Scanning Program Memory Boot Block
  • Scanning Non-Boot Block Nonvolatile Memory
    • Program Memory Application Block
    • Program Memory SAF segment
    • Configuration Words
    • Data EEPROM
  • Ability to either halt the device on mismatch or continue to user code execution
  • Mismatch indicating the output can be enabled/disabled, relocated and configured as open-drain